Safe Culture Workshop

This is a safety awareness course designed to influence a driver’s attitude and behaviour in order to improve their driving competence. It will increase a driver’s safety margins, provide awareness of speed limits and compliance, and encourage a more pro-active approach behind the wheel. At the end of the course, each driver will be better equipped to deal with the pressures and distractions encountered with work-related driving, be more informed and make better driving decisions consequently reducing their driving risk.

Real World Combination workshop

The aim of this entry level course is to better equip company car drivers with the knowledge and skills to further reduce the risk of vehicle damage, injury, death and driving penalties. The end result will be a competent driver who is capable of managing the daily pressures of driving their vehicle for work with the use of personal coping strategies, contemporary driving techniques and the safe application of modern technology.

Driving Today workshop

This workshop has been designed to give a delegate an introduction to the risks associated with driving on a regular basis and strategies to reduce road risk. The workshop can be used as part of a company induction process for new starters. The session starts off with a licence check and introduction to Driver CPC (as applicable).