Advance Institute of Motoring Ltd (AIM) is the training “arm” of the RHT Group of companies. The training institution is certified by the most prestigious body in road user training in the world which is AA DriveTech (AADT).

The group started this venture in November 2015 with the guidance of AADT and AIM is now a certified training academy, with the trainers and the courses which it delivers for the cars and heavy vehicles.

Our flagship company was incorporated in the mobility service in 1954 and still operates in the public transport sector but has since diversified its activities in other sectors of the Mauritian economy. RHT Holding Ltd is a public listed company on the Development Enterprise Market (DEM) and AIM strives to be the leading training institution in Mauritius and the African region for road users.

As such, AIM makes sure to follow the footstep of the distinguished parent company in terms of professionalism and service excellence. Being in the same group as RHT Bus Services Ltd, which has been operating as a public bus service provider for more than 63 years, AIM inherited a massive experience in the transport sector to offer outstanding service to it’s the public.

As a part of its diversification and innovative development AIM is working with AADT and its subsidiary VVCR and has establish a Driver Training Academy aimed at reducing the risk of road accidents and the corresponding number of fatalities as well as serious injuries on the Mauritian roads. The Academy operates as a commercial entity providing fleet risk management training capabilities for all vehicle categories. More than 90% of the traffic accidents happen because of human errors, the main reason why we focus on changing driver/ road user’s behaviour. Behavioural change is the main part of all our products and services. That is why we use scientifically proven assessments to measure driver behaviour. Changing behaviour is not achieved by just one intervention, but it is about being constantly focused on road safety. By focusing on the actual behaviour we customise the training to a person as much as possible.

On the 5th of March 2018, AIM became the first Auto-Motorcycle Driving School in Mauritius and now we are a fully certified training body to deliver training to auto/motorcyclists in Mauritius.